About Eduspot

Eduspot is an online platform for promoting and advertising of educational activities in Czech Republic, such as courses, workshops, lectures, festivals and events. The purpose of the website is to connect the audience looking to improve their knowledge in some of the fields, learn a new skill or just enroll in a course for fun with the course organizators. 

The name ‘Eduspot’ comes from merging two words: ‘education’ and ‘spot’. The idea is to create a single online facility that will gather as much information as possible related to the organized courses and educational activities in Czech Republic. It displays a range of course categories from cooking, painting and drawing to crafts, languages, technology etc.

Eduspot does not handle payments between the audience and course organizators. It is simply used to display the basic information about the courses and provide details, such as pricing, enrollment dates, location as well as direct link to the course website.

It should help making the search for suitable courses and self improvement easier and more accessible for everyone.