Gastro Hits 2019 with Martin Skoda 3rd DATE



Course length: 4 hours

We have a brand new course with Martin Skoda, this time focused on meals that celebrate Martin's greatest success in 2019. Whether he cooked them on TV, during cooking shows, or at private events, this will be a menu composed of the last year's most like by people. Simply GASTRO HITS 2019! In addition to this menu, of course, you will also get a lot of other tips and tricks that Martin has proven in years of cooking and that will make your cooking skills better.

  • Vege “tartar” made from toast lentils    
  •  Roasted beet root salad with shallots    
  •  Spiced chicken supreme, ginger dip, grilled vegetables    
  •  Veal stew, chervil sauce, mashed potatoes baked on salt     
  • Pear strudel made of short pastry with curd cream
2,190 CZK / Single session

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